Here is another important area where Dupper Analytics differs from other cloud solution providers. Typically when you implement a solution you need to go through the learning curve to become fluent with their Report Writer tools. At Dupper Analytics we take a different approach. We believe most of our customers are already highly skilled in a tool that meets their reporting needs – namely, Microsoft’s Excel. As a result, we provide an easy-to-use interface that allows our customers to easily and quickly export their data to Excel where most of our customers create the majority their reports. To be clear, out solution does provide a collection of standard reports but most of our customers prefer to use Excel.

Our customers do not need to learn a new Report Writing tool which extends the learning curve of implementing other cloud solutions. With DACs we support our customers with standard reports that are created by a simple press of a button. For more specific reporting requirements we encourage our clients to use a tool they most likely are already very familiar with – Microsoft’s Excel.

Relying on Excel for many of our reporting needs is another way that Dupper Analytics keeps our subscription fees low.

To close, we believe a good software solution provides for functionality that is frequently used but doesn’t clutter the solution with seldom used features.