Dupper Analytics Cloud Solutions© (DACs) enables business to implement cloud-base solutions quickly and cost-effectively. DACs is implemented on Amazon’s Web Services cloud platform which provides a highly secure, scalable and reliant operating environment.

DACs front-end data capture screens are 100% customizable to meet every client’s needs. Supported by a back-end SQL database, DACs allows customers to create custom reports and/or export data to Microsoft’s Excel. In addition, DACs has plug-ins that allow for integration with QuickBooks and other popular accounting packages.

By leveraging the benefits of open-source and cloud-computing DACs brings solutions that previously were only available to large enterprises and at a fraction of a cost. DACs licensing model is flexible to meet the budgetary needs of every business.

Businesses can use DACs to migrate from paper-based processes to electronic data capture using familiar devices such as the employee’s smartphone of a web-browser. The labor savings alone of our solutions often justifies the price of the solution.

DACs allows companies to capture operational date such as: time-entry, daily expenses, job status reports with the additional benefit of including photos from the user’s smartphone.

Using leading-edge development methodologies and state-of-the-art cloud platforms, DACs can grow as the organization grows – meeting the needs of the most dynamic and fast-growing businesses.

By relying on a DAC’s proprietary cloud implementation, we remove the need for the client to have internal IT expertise or the need to purchase servers.