CloudLight© is not a product of Dupper Analytics but rather it is how we explain our design philosophy.

The issue with most cloud solutions today is that their customer’s use only a small fraction of the product’s functions. These solutions tend to be over designed, needlessly complex and subsequently expensive — both to license and, more importantly, to customize and implement.

Which raises the question: If you're not using all the functionality? Then why are you paying for it? The simple answer is: You should not. Which leads us to the design philosophy at Dupper Analytics.

We built into DACs only the functionality that is most important to your business. Correspondingly, we only charge for that functionality. Which in most cases is a small fraction of what other cloud solution providers would charge.

During our consulting sessions our engineers create a dictionary of the data fields that are most important to your business. Once captured, we create a custom logical data model for your business. This data model maps out what is important to your business and how those fields relate to one another.

In only a matter of days our engineers translate the logical data model into a customized physical database specific for your business. This custom database is then uploaded into completely isolated and secure Amazon Web Services environment. Most software companies believe customization is too expensive and therefore avoid it at all costs. At Dupper Analytics we follow a different approach. We believe creating a custom solution is the best way to make our systems (and customers) successful. A custom solution requires less training, less implementation costs and provides for faster rollouts. The bottom line — a custom solution that only captures data that is relevant to our clients delivers a higher level of satisfaction, more usage and positions our customers to succeed. No one (other than perhaps the vendor) benefits from a solutions that is too hard to use and expensive.