Last year during the height of the pandemic my wife came home from a school board meeting and said, “They have a real shortage of substitute teachers. You should help them out.” A few months later I became a licensed Colorado substitute teacher. Due to my background in technology I tended to sub for high school Math, Science, Technology and Business classes.

As a result of my substitute teaching, I discovered a community of high school technologists who were talented and eager to do more. I was also able to build a faculty network of those who taught the AP and Honors classes in the STEM disciplines and had a first-hand knowledge of students who were interested in technology.

When I wasn’t substitute teaching, I would meet with small businesses in Colorado. Often, I would discover that these businesses, while successful and profitable, were not taking advantages of the benefits technology could provide their businesses.

It was in the intersection of these two activities that sparked the creation of Dupper Analytics. Fast forward to today, we have a team of talented high school technologists who develop cloud-based solutions for small and medium sized businesses and organizations. We build custom solutions that meet our client’s needs with systems that are exceedingly easy to use. We consistently claim, “If we have to teach your employees how to use our system we have failed in our design.”

Let me add a comment about today’s high school students. Regardless of their course of study, today’s students far exceed my expectations of what I thought of the traditional high school student. Today’s high school student’s capabilities rival that of a college student of just a few years ago. I believe this has occurred for two reasons. First, today’s students have been raised with technology – using technology comes natural to them – and Covid19 has only advanced their use and knowledge of technology. Second, is the advent of cloud computing, open-source software, CTF cyber challenges and, most importantly, the brilliant job our high schools are doing in teaching and advancing today’s high school curriculum.

Our mission at Dupper Analytics is two-fold. First, to help small businesses gain the technological advantages that large businesses have enjoyed and to provide it at a cost that is a fraction of other cloud solutions. Second, is to provide the next generation of technologists with a solid start to their careers. On average we pay our high school programmers 2x more than what they would earn at a fast-food job. In addition, many of our students aspire to attend some of the most selective STEM colleges and universities to continue their education. We believe their time at Dupper Analytics demonstrates their true passion for technology. Our high school teammates get invaluable client experience in writing system specifications, developing systems as well as enhancing and supporting them.

Our passion centers on helping our clients and preparing the next generation of future technology leaders. And we are always looking to add talent.